The Walford Retirement Residence is a Canadian owned company, with four affiliated retirement residences throughout the province.  The company’s goal is to enhance the quality of life, dignity and independence of its residents.



Providing Personal Support for Your Peace of Mind

The Walford Retirement Residence facilities are dedicated to giving seniors a comfortable and secure home that encourages independence and an active, healthy and involved lifestyle.  Each facility offers the perfect balance between casual living and exciting social atmosphere.  While residents are more than welcome to come to breakfast in housecoats and slippers, there are also plenty of opportunities to dress up and have fun.  After all, isn’t that what retirement living is all about?  You are free to choose exactly what you want to do.  You can curl up with a good book, play cards with a group of friends or spend a sunny afternoon puttering around the grounds.  The choices, and there are a lot of them, are yours.

Mission Statement

Our facilities are dedicated to providing a quality setting for seniors. The resident’s needs come first, regardless of the demands of our daily routine. We are always there to listen, help and encourage.

Our mission statement exhibits the respect and devotion of management and staff.

We are:

Dedicated to providing residents with a high standard of service, co-ordinated through all managerial and non-managerial employees, volunteers and support services.

Dedicated to respecting the individuality and uniqueness of each resident.

Dedicated to encouraging and sponsoring residents and their representatives to participate in the planning and appraisal of all programs and services.

Dedicated to continually promote and respond to resident’s needs, independence, dignity, freedom of choice and privacy.

Dedicated to producing services that strengthen the individual resident’s physical and mental well-being.

Dedicated to contributing to the resident’s quality of life through enhanced programs that are consistent,  resourceful and of high quality, through both internal and community services.

Dedicated to fellowship in the community, as it is a positive life force that is mutually beneficial  to the resident and the community at large.

Dedicated to facilitating residents in a setting that is comfortable, homelike and complimentary to their lifestyle.